MASK OF REPTILIA: SKARDISHE THE SUN SHAMAN  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  The mask of Skardishe the Sun Shaman has rested on the same being for untold years. As a sun worshipper Skardishe uses the power and grace of the sun to conjure ancient sorcery buried deep within the realm's depths. He uses these solar spells in shamanic rituals to heal and enlighten his people, while engulfing his foes in astral flames. Skardishe is both admired and feared by his fellow cultists, who often call on him in times of sorrow but leave him to his devices otherwise.
 MASK OF REPTILIA: WANDERING SAND GLIDER  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  The wearers of this mask are born into a life of never ending servitude as guards to the cult. They post on the outskirts of the Reptilia territory, buried just below the surface of the sand. They are able to move through the sand effortlessly as if swimming through a gentle stream. When a malicious intruder tries crossing the boundary, the Gliders reveal themselves, releasing their acidic blood from their eye cavities, melting through the armor and then flesh of their foes.
 MASK OF REPTILIA: SHAN JARU-KA THE SPECTORUM  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  The mask of Shan Jaru-Ka the Spectorum was found deep within the long forgotten Chromatica Caverns. Shan Jaru-Ka has the ability of altering the crystals in the realm's subtle atmosphere to reflect and refract light. This allows him to change color, become invisible, and create aberrations and hallucinations to those in his presence. He is often mistaken as a phantom due to his seeming ability to drift in and out of physical space. No one can ever be sure if the Spectorum is not just out of reach, ready to attack.
 MASK OF REPTILIA: SUNSHIRA THE WHISPERER  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  Sunshiira the Whisperer is a solitary being trained in the old reptilian hunting ways. On her hunts she tracks dangerous prey to be eaten by the members of the Reptilia. But more often she hunts the enemies and opposers to the cult, following them for days if need be. As she sneaks in close to them. she begins to whisper. A low hissing sound is heard, growing louder and more deafening until finally her victim is left curled in a ball clutching it's ears. It's with a final shrill shriek that the hunt is ended.
 MASK OF REPTILIA: THE ORACLE JORASHE ZKAN  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  The Oracle has spent centuries in the Tidal Caves studying the forgotten ancient ones who have come before her, deciphering their sigils and learning their ways. She uses these sigils to see past the physical and into the hearts of those in her presence. She sees the good in her peers and even her adversaries. She knows that the differences they quarrel over are superficial and she challenges them to base there outlook not on the hatred of others but connection and   compassion toward all living things. 
 MASK OF REPTILIA: THE MAGMA DRAGON AZARO  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  The Magma Dragon known as Azaro is the most recent incarnation of the Order of the Twelve Suns, a group of elemental wizards native to the Reptilia Cult. They come together to summon the phantoms of the Sun using ritual magic written by the ancient Sun Kings, manifesting themselves into an Azaro event. Used only as a defense to a malevolent threat, it surges across the land scorching and incinerating everything within it's molten grasp, purging the land below and it's inhabitants.
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