BAT MASK OF YOUNG CHASM PERCHER    2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  The wearer of this Mask is immediately transformed into one of the Young Chasm Perchers. These bats lurk in groups along the mouths of craters and deep chasms. They are mischievous tricksters, and while not normally malicious, Perchers tend to create trouble for anyone who enters their realm. Often leading travelers into dangerous territory just for their own strange amusement.
 BAT MASK OF BONE LORD LESTOR  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  The ancient bat tyrant, Bone Lord Lestor, once the warden of an astral graveyard prison, now wanders the wastelands collecting the enchanted bones of lost marauders and prehistoric predators. It is his ever growing bone collection that grants him access to the powers of those ancient beasts and forgotten fighters. Some wonder if he will ever return from the wastes with grand powers or if he is forever doomed to hoard the spells of the dead.  
 BAT MASK OF THE PHANTOM EEL RIPPER  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  The wearer of this mask is immediately transformed into a Phantom Eel Ripper! Rippers spend much of their time near the great swampy seas hunting for the elusive and deadly Spiny Coral Eel. Once harvested, they use the eel both for food and the teleportive quality of it's egg sack. The sack and it's contents allow the Phantoms to travel between the astral and the physical realms and even deeper into the subconscious caverns of friend and foe. Even the strongest minds can't withstand the penetrating glare of the Phantom Eel Ripper!  
 BAT MASK OF TRIANGELOS THE MANGLER  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.  The Mask of Triangelos the Mangler has been worn by the same entity for centuries. Spending much of his time in a deep trance state, Triangelos only breaks his meditation when a dark berserker force is awakened within him, usually caused by some great outside threat. Once awakened the Mangler takes over and the rage inside him erupts. After all threats are eradicated the Mangler retreats back into the void of his mind, silent and remorseful.
 BAT MASK OF DROLO THE DOOM TRODDEN  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.   The wearer of this Mask is immediately transformed into Drolo the Doom Trodden. Dragging a great mace studded with the molars of his adversaries behind him, he leaves a wake of doom and destruction in his path. No thing, mortal or astral stands in the way. After 6 days of doom, the mask turns inward and slowly rots the mind of the one wearing it, leaving nothing but a shell. Afterward the bat Mask Drolo lies waiting for his next chance at destruction.
 BAT MASK OF GRAYLORB THE SPIDER LICH  2017, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in.   The entity who was once Graylorb was a master spell caster who was revered by his fellow cultists. On a quest through the Tangled Shredwood he was met by a malevolent demonic spider. The Spider gave Graylorb the choice of being enslaved or being enchanted by the soul of a spider lich. In his panicked state he chose enchantment. He is no longer Graylorb the revered, but Graylorb the chaos monger, living to fulfill the whims of the jaded lich within.
 LAIR OF THE SPIDER LICH  2018, Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12 in. 
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